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Since 2005, Brendan has instructed guitar students in every genre – from the blues to classical guitar. In addition to years of teaching experience, he has studied guitar pedagogy with Douglas Niedt at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Brendan is passionate about sharing his love of music with his students. He is well versed in rock, blues, pop, jazz, classical, flamenco, and a variety of other musical genres and styles.  Guitar lessons give a student confidence, as well as knowledge of music theory, history, songwriting, and other basic musicianship skills.

Brendan has experience teaching both children and adults. He grew up playing in Kansas City, and has since performed and studied in the United States and Europe. He uses positive reinforcement and language, aiming to increase self-confidence through thoughtful encouragement. Most importantly, his goal is to spread a love of music to all of his students.

Lessons are designed to fit each student’s needs and goals.  Basic guitar technique is taught in every lesson and then applied to songs and pieces.  For beginners, Brendan teaches basic reading, tablature, theory, and application to the style of music the student is interested in.  For more advanced students, lessons are based on the students goals, however, technique and theory are still used.  Students may work on a variety of styles, including but not limited to rock, blues, pop, jazz, classical or flamenco. Guitar lessons can also help with audition preparation, Brendan has prepared students for auditions, and has had students accepted in music programs at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Belmont University in Nashville, and the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. Lessons are also good for developing confidence, general music appreciation, performance preparation, and practice for playing in a band.  For more ideas about how lessons can help you, email Brendan!

Lessons are offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments.

Brendan has been my teacher for about 3 years now, and I have had a very positive overall experience with him. He is a professional and involved teacher, who wants to see you get better through hard work and dedication. He is skilled in many styles of playing, so you can be sure he will help you progress no matter what style you choose. I began my studies with blues and progressed through jazz, rock, and many other areas of study. When I decided to go to Berklee for music, Brendan was supportive and paid close attention to the process, helping me prepare a successful audition, leading to my acceptance at Berklee. He even played on an EP I recorded entitled "Skylines." I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and mentor than Brendan. I highly recommend his services.

Kevin Miller

Brendan Bondurant was my guitar instructor for 5 years. He gave me the knowledge and abilities to be blessed enough to take my skills to the college level. He taught me what and who I needed to know to make a career out of being a musician. Now, the tables have turned and I am teaching students how to play guitar. Still to this day, Brendan is checking up on me as well as still showing me new tricks of the trade. He takes time out of his week to think about and care for each student he has and that is why I strongly recommend Brendan to be anyones teacher, beginner or advanced.

Shaun Crowley - Guitarist of Rev Gusto & Momma's Boy

Brendan is a remarkably effective teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge about a variety of styles, and a facility for explaining concepts and techniques. Brendan has a knack for directing your attention to areas of improvement in an encouraging way. If you're looking for lessons, take advantage of his extensive knowledge and easygoing style.

John Kennedy

Brendan is very well educated and interested in all different types of music. I have yet to stump him on any style of guitar I wish to learn, not only does he teach it all very well, he teaches it with great patience and attention. I recommend any level guitarist to reach out to Brendan if you want to further your knowledge and skills. He will build you a clear path to whatever direction you wish to go with your playing!

Michael Reitzell

We were given a business card of Brendan's from the guitar shop on Colfax and Steele and we were trying to get ready for auditions at Denver School of the Arts. Brendan knew our goal and has other students who attend DSA and he helped my son to get ready for his audition in two and half months. He was able to perform in a recital with Brendan and his other students as well. Brendan is very down to earth and my son enjoys him. He is very good at balancing teaching what the kids want as well as some more serious skills. We have been very happy with Brendan. Additionally, my son got into DSA so we look forward to learning more guitar and using Brendan for private lessons to supplement his education at DSA.

Shelley St John

When I decided to make my live record I knew I needed to be precise and I knew I needed a teacher. Brendan made me performance ready with 2 lessons a week in 100 days of preparation. His patience is incredible. His ability to tailor lessons to your individual needs, while tapping into your own style of learning, has lead me to the conclusion that he was born to teach. He will not frustrate you. He will speak sensitively and encourage you. And if you're willing to put in the work, trusting his wonderful homespun process, he will craft you into a player better than the one you imagined you could be. I know because he did that for me. Thanks guy! I owe you more than a few, cheers!

Alexander Noury

Brendan is a great guitar teacher. I have tried a couple of different times in the past to pick up the guitar and have inevitably failed. Brendan immediately picked up where I was at and tailors lessons to keep me moving in the right direction. He is very flexible, patient, and has a great attitude. I am enjoying playing the guitar again and really enjoy my time with Brendan.

William Brett

Brendan is an experienced, solid instructor who is excellent at helping his student progress and enjoy learning! His education and personal experience have made him an excellent teacher who is encouraging and intuitive - I would easily recommend him for a beginner as much as an advanced player. As a non-traditional student who already had some background work in music, I need a teacher who can accommodate my learning level and my schedule. His knowledge of different styles and genres makes him an ideal teacher to help a student sort through what is most interesting to them, while still learning all the fundamentals every guitar player needs. I have been taking lessons with Brendan for almost 4 years and look forward to it every week.

Molly Anderson

Brendan is a talented teacher. He adapts to his student's interests, needs and abilities. Brendan has a deep knowledge of the history of different musical styles and leverages that history as he works with his students. Brendan is friendly and easy to work with. I always end a lesson with a smile on my face.

Brandon Scott

I can't imagine a better guitar instructor than Brendan. I started with him as a beginner two years ago and he has always been able to give me exactly what I need to take my playing to the next level. If I bring in a song, he's always able to help me figure it out, whatever the style of music (folk, bluegrass, blues, funk, you name it.) I recommend him to guitarists of all levels.

Allen Cooper