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Julian Lage

By December 10, 2018No Comments

I saw Julian Lage at Swallow Hill here in Denver a month or two ago. I picked up two of his CD’s, Modern Lore and ArcLight. I was really impressed, he has a unique style, and is very creative with his lines. I’d definitely go see him again. I’ve listened to those two discs a few times now, and some of his melodies just stick in my brain, which is quite impressive nowadays. I consume so much music that I get very excited when something is that catchy. I’ll plan on seeing him again next time he is in town.

I think one of my favorite things about his playing is his tone. I don’t usually latch onto something like that (I know it’s important, but harmony and melody are what really draw me in). It would explain why I have recently picked up a little tube amp for my G&L Semi-Hollow ASAT (I do prefer G&L to Fender nowadays, something about the neck pickup). Over the holidays, I want to spend a bit of time figuring out the heads to a few of his tunes.