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Online Flamenco Lessons

By December 2, 2018No Comments

I’m very excited to announce that I will be helping my mentor Enrique Vargas get his online lessons set up. These videos will be an excellent way for someone who does not have the means or opportunity to study flamenco with a teacher and must find what they can online.

The first lesson will start with the basic strumming motion of the right hand, and culminates with the beginning of the rumba pattern. Things included in the lesson are…

1. The natural movement your hand should be making while you strum

2. What trajectory your hand should be moving in.

3. How to do both filler and accent notes

4. What your fingers need to do to achieve these different types of strums.

This is an excellent primer for some of the more advanced flamenco techniques, and I am honored to be helping Enrique with this (and all of the English language) lessons. As soon as they are up, I will post a link here in the blog.